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About iLashQueen

What is iLashQueen? Who is iLashQueen?

Let’s go back. It’s Summer 2013. I stubble upon semi-permanent lash extensions on social media. So, I schedule an appointment. During my appointment my lash tech mentions that she also teaches this specialty lash technique. I had been self-employed since about 2010, and generally speaking, my business was successful, but full of ups and downs. At the same time, I was looking to get into something more creative and fun.

I saw the magic of social media, especially Instagram, and I began thinking of a business that could flourish on social media. One day it occurred to me: LASHES WAS IT! So I called the lash tech back and we sat in her living room, and she taught me her “special technique.”

There were a lot of problems with my class. To start, the technique she taught me wasn’t correct! Also, the teacher was VERY secretive about where I could purchase products. I also later realized, not only had she taught me an incorrect technique, she’d also taught me with 2nd rate products. The problem was, however, that I was already getting calls from my own friends, asking if I would be willing to teach lash classes…

So I started researching lash products, I started running ads on social media to get models, I MADE my sister model for me DAY IN AND DAY OUT until I PERFECTED THE CRAFT. I ordered products from EVERY online store, and I then began testing the core products that would be needed to start a new product line. A product line that actually met the needs of a modern lash artist! Not all the fluffy stuff and BS!

By Fall 2013 I was enrolled at Sheridan Technical to be an Esthetician. This was a BIG jump for me, because until then, I had only worked in very corporate settings.

Shortly after I completed the Esthetician Program in October 2013, I sat and sketched out the draft you see below. It’s a woman with a crown on.


My graphic designer turned this...


into this.... 

People assume that I, Natasha, am iLashQueen. But that was never my intention when thinking up the company. This woman is representative of ALL WOMEN, WORLDWIDE, of all races and ethnicity, who want to feel beautiful and look their best. Moreover, overtime, the iLashQueen Brand now focuses on more than “just doing lashes.” In just two years we have provided hundreds of women with eyelash extension services, trained hundreds of women as lash stylists, and via our marketing and business classes given women the concrete tools needed to get a truly successful beauty business off the ground! If you are looking for quality and affordable lash products you are at the right place. If you are looking for lash training you are at the right place. If you are looking to bring more income into your beauty business you are at the right place!

From the bottom of my heart I can say that iLashQueen has truly exceeded every dream I’ve had for the company. The only thing we see ahead of us is continued growth, and continued opportunity to serve women (and men) worldwide. Thank you in advance for entrusting us to provide you eyelash extension services, education, and products. We value your trust.

Natasha Velez-Tatum
Director of Education & Entrepreneurship
Ronda Karrington,
Director of Teeth Whitening


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